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Trying to Raise Funds for a Documentary   Twice Risen Sun Astronomers have been looking off into deep space for a number of years now, looking for exoplanets, planets outside our own solar system, and they’ve found well over 3000 of them so far, but not one appears to be anything like habitable. The point I’m getting at is that this place, Earth – our home – seems to be an incredibly rare and precious jewel in the Universe. We have found absolutely nothing remotely like it anywhere. And yet, we seem to be doing our level best to destroy it. Even the most pessimistic interpretation […]

Funding Sources

I thought I’d spread some potential joy so here is a list of some grants and competitions for photographers worldwide:   FUNDING

Twice Risen Sun – a true tale of impending disaster in the Pacific

Dear Friends   I’m reaching out because I’m trying to kick off a fund-raiser for a long-term project of my own devising. The aim is to document the world’s worst affected areas of environmental degradation through human action. I forsee a series of ten full-length documentaries, accompanied by photographs and daily blogs. A book of the photos will follow in time. The first episode will look at Runit Dome on Enewetak in the Marshall Islands. (Please see the attachments)   Runit dome, called the Tomb by the people that live in Enewetak, is full of highly radioactive debris left over from the […]


If you ever see my eyes fixed on the horizon it’s because that’s where the goal lies, distant but never insurmountable.

A generous opportunity for someone in journalism

A Humble (and Generous) Offer from Duy Linh Tu By Alexia Foundation Posted on 07/25/2016 by Alexia Foundation Duy Linh Tu is a professor of journalism at Columbia University and a leading multimedia journalist and video storyteller. Last week, he posted the following on his Facebook page inviting young minority journalists to reach out to him. He recognizes the lack of diversity in journalism and wants to do something about it. Reach out to him. He wants to help you. A HUMBLE OFFER: There’s a picture going around that compares the very white Republican interns with the decidedly brown Democratic […]

Example of a beautifully executed Kickstarter campaign from Chris Anthony ABOUT THIS PROJECT Seas without a Shore is a new collection of photographs that I’ve been working on for the past 18 months and am now turning into a book. The book will be 9.5” x 12” in size and run about 150 pages with over 90 photographs. There will be a standard edition cover and also a limited edition cloth bound version. 80 cloth bound books will come with a slipcase and 20 of them will be delivered in a deluxe clamshell box. The books will be printed and bound with superb, thick paper and the highest offset […]

Open Society funding for human rights projects   For the current application round, the Open Society Fellowship invites proposals relevant to the following propositions: Human rights are under siege everywhere. Why? Those who carry out human rights analysis and reporting have been seduced by legal frameworks and largely ignore imbalances of power that lead to rights violations. Political leaders increasingly play on fears that human rights are a Trojan Horse, threatening societies by promising rights to dangerous “others.” These statements are intended as a provocation—to stimulate productive controversy and debate—and do not necessarily represent the views of the Open Society Foundations. Applicants are invited to dispute, […]

Lensculture 2016 Street Photography Competition

There’s money to be made.

The Real Skinny For Photographers

I’m passing on what I think is a very important article for aspiring or starting photographers, written by Danielle Jackson, writer and strategist at Culture Culture. It’s a clarion call to anyone who has seen the decline in their business over the past twenty years. It’s a real wake-up call to many. Have no illusions if you’re just starting out in this business. Few of you will be able to make a living solely as a photographer. Instagram and EyeEm will not pay your bills. A really good photojournalist makes, on average, about the same as a mid-level bank teller […]

Climate: the most pressing issue of our time

If you have a compelling photo story around climate change you need to check the Dysturb/Magnum site. There is no more important issue – climate change stands to change the planet in ways we cannot foresee but future  wars may well be fought over famine,  disappearing land and water shortages. #Dysturb and Magnum Foundation have joined together to highlight compelling documentary images by photographers from around the world that are telling stories of climate change not only as a factor in our daily lives, but also as a player in major socio-political shifts.