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Effective Kickstarter regime for photographers Carol Benovic is the Senior Community Education Manager at Kickstarter, and she spends her time there creating resources and sharing best practices to help creators make their ideas come to life. Today, she shares an insider’s guide on how to run your own successful campaign. No two photographs are exactly alike, and neither are two photography projects. On Kickstarter, we’ve seen close-ups on parts of the world that often remain unseen, intimate looks into family life, pet portraits, trips to food trucks, and much more. But each of the over 9,000 projects that have launched in the Photography category […]

Danila Tkachenko project I loved this project. Really beautifully executed and with an eeriness that I have not seen often in anyone’s work.

There Are Dragons Below

My name is Simon which is almost a joke in itself as, yes, I am British. We are actually Scots but my parents gave birth to me well South of the Scottish border, a source of seething resentment still, many years later. I was born in a tiny village, population then, about 547 fair souls. If you know anything about what we just call the West Country, you’ll know there’s very little there but apples and cows…and apples to any Englishman means cider because we Brits have never found any substance on this good Earth we couldn’t turn into alcohol; apples? […]