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Twice Risen Sun – a true tale of impending disaster in the Pacific

Dear Friends   I’m reaching out because I’m trying to kick off a fund-raiser for a long-term project of my own devising. The aim is to document the world’s worst affected areas of environmental degradation through human action. I forsee a series of ten full-length documentaries, accompanied by photographs and daily blogs. A book of the photos will follow in time. The first episode will look at Runit Dome on Enewetak in the Marshall Islands. (Please see the attachments)   Runit dome, called the Tomb by the people that live in Enewetak, is full of highly radioactive debris left over from the […]

There Are Dragons Below

My name is Simon which is almost a joke in itself as, yes, I am British. We are actually Scots but my parents gave birth to me well South of the Scottish border, a source of seething resentment still, many years later. I was born in a tiny village, population then, about 547 fair souls. If you know anything about what we just call the West Country, you’ll know there’s very little there but apples and cows…and apples to any Englishman means cider because we Brits have never found any substance on this good Earth we couldn’t turn into alcohol; apples? […]